Meet Sean - ECMO & Flight Nurse

Daily in the Tribe RN Group, we introduce one of the group members. Sean's introduction got a lot of attention, partly because he's a cool guy and partly because his speciality is so unique. He's an ECMO nurse which is our AMMO for the sickest of the sick patients. 

Meet Sean!

Sean BSN, RN 

"I currently work as a full-time ECMO Specialist and part-time Flight Nurse. I have always been attracted to and fascinated by critical care. I love the rush and the “speed chess match” that many of these patients present with. Flying allows me to be a diagnostician and a practitioner within my guidelines. That being said we have to answer for every decision made so you have to know your stuff. I’ve always liked the ER analogy of,”Doing Precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge.” Really though with enough practice, your guesswork moves should be minimal. ECMO allows me to work with the sickest of the sick and truly explore and theorize and figure out a multitude of hemodynamic/oxygenation issues. I guess I am always looking for the worst of the worst so I can test my skills and knowledge. Any aspect of critical care is definitely not for everyone. And that’s ok. Thank god for L&D nurses because I want no part of that.Thank god for floor nurses because I lack the conviction and patience. Yes there is a lot of times patients die and or you see the worst of humanity but its what I know and love." 

To all of you out there perfecting your skills in your specialty! Thank you!! We are all needed in this game of nursing and no matter what your role happens to be, please know you are making a difference.