Q&A - What in the heck is NURSING INFORMATICS?

Lauri Lineweaver said, A doctor once called me “The clicky nurse” and the nickname kind of stuck." We got an opportunity to chat with Lauri about her experience in Nursing informatics. What is your role? Where do you work? Do you feel fulfilled? Are you still helping patients?

She began her career as an ADN graduate from CNM on the cardiac critical care unit at Presbyterian. She completed her BSN in 2007 and a Masters in Nursing Education in 2009. Lauri is a PhD candidate and was a Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy fellow.

She has published and presented on a wide variety of topics including nursing’s role in healthcare acquired infections, role transitions for graduate nurses, a concept analysis of nursing workload and regulatory implications for academic clinical rotations. Lauri is an active member of the American Nurses Association, nationally and locally, Sigma Theta Tau, Academy Health and the American Association of Critical Care and HIMMS.. She currently serves on the Nurse Practice Advisory Council at the NM Board of Nursing. She was the Director for Clinical Practice and Informatics for Presbyterian Healthcare Services and is currently a Clinical informaticist with the Veterans Administration working on technical integration and the Cerner deployment.