Q&A - Pharmaceutical Industry Nurse

Q&A - Pharmaceutical Industry Nurse Christy Moore is a Registered Nurse who began her nursing career 30 years ago. From med-surg nursing to home care, to nurse coordinator for a brain tumor clinic to cardiac step down, Christy has seen firsthand what it takes to build a thriving career in nursing. When she decided to leave clinical nursing altogether, she began working in the pharmaceutical industry where she’s held positions in sales, marketing, sales training and clinical education.One of the companies she worked for actually paid for her master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology. No matter what position she’s held, Christy says it’s her background in nursing that enables herto still work as a nurse in the pharmaceutical industry and still make a difference in patients’ lives, even though she doesn’t provide direct patient care.Christy is currently working as a Clinical Educator and is the creator of a new podcast, Beyond Med-Surg Nursing, a career podcast for nurses. Through her podcast, Christy provides inspiration and information to help nurses realize that they can use their skills, experience and education to create a nursing career they love. You can learn all about the show and resourcesvisiting her website, www.BeyondMedSurgNursing.com.