Q&A - Not just ANY Mask will DO!

MASK - FOR NURSES BY A NURSE!!! Jessica Nandino is an amazing ER nurse and she is making masks for nurses. She saw a need and she had a desire to help! She has created a mask pattern, making it free of charge to be distributed to all who can sew. Check it out, it's available on her website. Check it out at: www.nursemade.co. Email: jessica.nandino@gmail.com Advocacy Blog: https://medium.com/@jessicanandino

MASK - FOR NURSES BY A NURSE!!! - NurseMade Jessica Nandino is an amazing ER nurse and she is making masks for nurses. We get to learn from her and She has made the pattern free of charge to be distributed to all who can sew. Jessica has spent the entirety of her 15-year professional career working in hospitals. She has spent the last 10 as a front line nurse - an emergency room RN and charge RN, a department educator, a helicopter flight nurse, and a level 1 trauma nurse. She is currently on a professional sabbatical of sorts, seeking to renew her faith in humanity by teaching the 3 year old class at the local preschool. She works PRN at a busy urgent care to keep her nursing skills in check. Jessica lives on a small hobby farm in the East Mountains near Albuquerque, NM with her husband and their three children. Her mother lives next door and the back half of the property is home to a gaggle of farm animals.

Jessica is a creator and caretaker at heart. Her hobbies include writing essays, non-fiction memoir style, sewing, and making. She aspires to create more justice in the world and has no problem calling it as she sees it, as evidenced by a snarky sense of humor and the occasional soapbox rage against the machine.

NurseMade, her current creation, started on March 14, 2020, as the A.B. Mask Project. The project was a direct response to a conversation she had the day before with a ER nurse, working on the frontlines of the nation’s outbreak of COVID-19. This friend told her: We are running out of supplies. We have no masks. The following morning, Jessica deconstructed the one surgical mask she had at home and started to design and sew an N95 cover, in the hopes of prolonging the life of the limited number of N95 masks we have around the country. A.B. are her nurse friend’s initials. ‍

NurseMade was developed as a platform to offer well-designed, DIY, personal protective equipment (PPE) patterns at no cost. Her mask pattern has been downloaded over 2.5 million times and the project has garnered media inquiries and mentions from local news stations, Maclean’s, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The New York Times. ‍Along with a small group of family and friends, Jessica has donated close to 500 masks to healthcare providers and patients across the country. NurseMade recently launched an online retail store - offering ready-to-wear masks and pre-cut sewing kits, as a means to sustain philanthropy. For every 4 masks sold, 1 is donated to a front line worker in need. Jessica aspires to increase the ratio until it reaches 1 for 1.