Q&A - Life as a Pediatric Oncology Nurse

We will talk to David about his experience as a Pediatric Oncology Nurse.

David has worked as a pediatric oncology nurse at UCSF Children’s Hospital for 12 years now. his early education was in painting and sculpture at UC Berkeley, but he left the arts as a profession in 2008 to attend nursing school at UCSF. His job as a pediatric oncology nurse is his first and only job since he graduated from nursing school.

David is the author of any upcoming book called Nurse Papa- 16 Meditations On Parenthood From A Pediatric Oncology Nurse which is a prescriptive and heartwarming book written from the perspective of a pediatric oncology nurse who is also a father. The book is directed at parents as well people interested in the world of nursing and medicine.

website: www.nursepapathebook.com


insta: @nursepapathebook.com