Q&A - Hospice Nursing

Q&A - Hospice Nursing
Meet Courtney as she shares with us her love of hospice nursing!
“My name is Courtney. I have been a nurse for 7 years now with 5 years being in Hospice in some form or fashion. I am currently working on my Masters in Nursing education and obtaining my certification in Hospice nursing. Prior to Hospice I was a cardiac nurse in an ICU step down unit and before that was an EMT. I started in Hospice as an accident, was trying to get away from 12 hour shifts and night shifts to be with my husband and start a family, I haven’t looked back since. I have been married for 5 years and have a 3 year old daughter.”
Hospicefoundation.org - great resource on Hospice
Nia.nih.gov- another excellent resource if wanting to learn more
Dying Well- is a book explaining hospice from the physician view point