Q&A - Dance with Delaney - Self-Care Initiative


If you missed the live DANCE with Delaney earlier today for our self-care initiative, here's the replay!
Please take care of YOU!!! Prevent burnout, improve job satisfaction, and most likely in turn, our patients will receive improved care!
**Delaney has generously volunteered to teach a dance class for the Tribe RN self-care week and I'm so excited to dance together! ** Her Dance classes are donation based and virtual! Take advantage!!
** Want to get in touch with Delaney? **
** Webiste:** https://djbarsamian.wixsite.com/mysite --- SIGN UP FOR A DANCE CLASS WITH DELANEY!!
** IG: @delaneyjb
** FB:
Dance with Delaney: Wellness through Vulnerability, Intention, and Movement
Bio: I am Delaney Barsamian. I am a dancer, choreographer, and performer. I have been dancing my whole life. It is my first passion. I am also an ER nurse, a nurse educator, and a co-wellness chair for East Bay ENA. I am deeply invested in wellness and the wellness of my community.
I am a very somatic person. I am a tactile learner. To truly explore and understand something, I need to feel it in my body. Dance gives me the opportunity to explore what I am feeling, what is coming up for me, what lives inside me, the different parts of my identity, my relationship with myself, and with others. I get to be whoever I am that day. I am able to use whatever energy is showing up for me in that moment. I am so grateful to hold this space to share the immense benefits of dance with you.